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There are a lot of myths surrounding the potential eligibility for Medicaid or any other entitlement benefits. Many fear that the government will take their homes and other assets to pay for long-term care, or that that they won't qualify for Medicaid because of the "look-back period".


The reality is that most people can and probably will qualify for assistance with proper information and help. And this would be possible without having to sell a home, spend down their hard-earned savings or worry about look-back periods.


Too many times, I have seen elderly Americans who worked hard all their life, only to watch their savings rapidly depleted by the costly burden of long-term care. Sadly, at the end their lives, not much is left to pass on to their surviving family.


Like many of our clients who may have been misinformed about Medicaid eligibility, you will be pleasantly surprised at what options are available to you or your loved one to benefit from nursing home or assisted living care!

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Some of our recent satisfied clients...

My late Aunt retained PA Consulting to assist her with the complicated task of entitlement estate planning. She was 88 yrs old but very sharp and knowledgeable, since she had been a professional accountant for 40 years in her business career. She was mostly concerned that she got all the straight, ethical and legal facts as to the possibilities that were available to her. She found all that in PA Consulting and they were always patiently there to answer her questions and help her with the planning. She trusted their expertise and knowledge and she felt very comfortable with how they were assisting her.


After seeing what they were able to do for her, I myself have now also reached out to PA Consulting to assist me in my planning. I found them to be extremely helpful in explaining the process.


And one additional thing, I know that when I called them a few months ago to let them know of my Aunts sudden passing they were definitely surprised and saddened. They impressed me as persons who didn't just view my Aunt as a business client, but, she was someone who they truly cared about and they were concerned about her well-being. Thank you for all your assistance and for caring.


- G Torgerson



Dear PA Consulting,


I wanted to take this time to write and THANK YOU for your outstanding service, professionalism, and caring attitude while helping me to process the very complex Medicaid paperwork necessary for my mother to be approved into the Florida Medicaid system. We simply could not have done it without your knowledge and assistance!


As you know, my mother is a long time resident of Bradenton, FL but I live in Virginia while caring for her. Although she had designated me as her Power of Attorney for the application, my family had little knowledge of the Medicaid qualification requirements or process to get my mother approved. From our very first meeting, it was clear that YOU were the ones who could help us through this difficult process. Your knowledge from your prior experience inside the State government and more importantly your sincere caring attitude put us at ease and we knew that with your help, the application would be processed correctly with all the necessary financial and medical information required. We had full confidence that with your help, the application would be complete and would end with approval for my mother and thanks to you, it was approved!!!!


But your caring professionalism did not stop there; you have continued to be of assistance to us in finding a care facility for my mother and with processing the required annual updates and notifications to the appropriate Florida Medicaid office(s). My mother is being well cared for and we THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for your kind assistance.


- S Wheeler


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